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The personal care industry is subjected consumer products that are used for beautification and personal care comprises cosmetics and personal hygiene. Perfume is one of the most important attributes in personal care industry. Perfume is a term divided from the Latin Perfumum, that means ” Though Smoke”, from the old use of burn fragrant resins in offering the gods.The perfumer is called by the French “Lemez”- the nose- because to exercise this kind of profession you must have a very well developed sense of smell.

Nashotech follows a unique approach to select perfumes. Preliminary process of selection is done through the inspiration or brief form customer ends. Later on we follow sniff test comprising with different user group. These preliminary selected perfumes are than further fragmented to find top note, middle notes and base note characteristic. Two dimensional approach of pro-active and reactive response are given importance.


The masculine scents are less floral than feminine and they usually refer to dry fragrances such as tobacco, leather, spices, herbs, moss and wood.

Oriental Note

Note that evokes the gentle magical and intense essences coming from the East.


The fresh, fruity, citrus and unripe scents are defined light; essences that quickly evaporate quickly and are in the top note.


It is an aromatic essence such as vanilla, easy to find as a base note in many perfumes.