Corporate Social Responsibilities

CSR initiatives are one of our core parts of business goal. Following are our plans which are yet to be fully implanted by next 3 business quarter time period.

Environmental Sustainability Initiative

  • Using Glass Water Bottle instead of PET Bottle in work place
  • Adapting plantation in home or inside living place
  • Reducing usage of Paper work

Direct Philanthropic Giving

  • Donation to Orphanage Centers
  • To Be partner of “The EGG Club” who are involve feeding  eggs to slum children

Ethical Business Practice

  • Company policy prohibits its Directors, employees and agents from entering into sensitive transactions. If such a transaction occurs, the Company and its officers, Directors and employees directly involved may be subject to fines, imprisonment and civil litigation.
  • Accounting Controls, Procedures & Records
    Applicable laws and Company policy require the Company to keep books and records that accurately and fairly reflect its transactions and the dispositions of its assets.
  • Use & Disclosure of Inside Information
    Company policy prohibits disclosure of material inside information to anyone other than persons within the Company whose positions require them to know such information.
  • Confidential or Proprietary Information
    Company policy prohibits employees from disclosing confidential or proprietary information outside the Company, either during or after employment, without Company authorization to do so.
  • Conflicts of Interest
    Company policy prohibits conflicts between the interests of its employees and the Company.

Focus on Economic Responsibility

  • Economic responsibility focuses on a practice that facilitates long term business growth, while also meeting the standard set for ethical, environmental and philanthropic practice.