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Balance between offering a variety of bakery products to appeal to more consumers and offering products that are truly profitable can be achieved by examine product line and the cost of production.

What inspired us in past 5 years ago may need a revamp or to be dropped all together. It is natural that bakeries of all sizes will cut the slack and focus on what they do best, changing products seasonally to keep it interesting. We saw black trends through Oreo type chocolate flavors, savory crackers one way another innovative culinary flavors already introduced.

What is next?

Give this TASK to our Team. 

Nashotech offer flavors for below bakery applications:

Energy / Glucose Biscuits            

Fruit or Berry Flavored Biscuits           

Cream Sandwich Biscuit         

Dark Chocolate Cream Biscuits




Functional Biscuits    

Probiotic Biscuits