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About us

We imagine a life is not complex rather beautiful. Inspiration is everywhere. To grasp it we need to awaken our instinct. People loves to be part of beautiful things. Nashotech has no different vision than this. Nashotech is constant search of those business solutions which are made for beautiful things in earth. Nashotech emerged as solution provider for business to business Industrial consumers. We are partnered with reputed global manufactures to support local industry development and ease availability of resources for local market. Solution can be provided by two ways either to support by RM or support through technology, consultancy, project matrix, machinery or equipment. Our major focus is food flavor, fragrances, ingredients, culinary and nutrition science.

It is pleasure to inform you that we are now officially on the ground after several years inbound research, experiences and trouble shooting. Our client can get benefited through one stop solution for food flavor, food nutrition technologies and ingredients, fragrances and ingredients solution for toiletries and cosmetics industry. Though the journey was not easy to start with – we had to network with manufacturers, industry professionals, experts and different food sciences research institutes from different parts of the world. Finally we engaged with few organizations who were really showed their interest, support, provide guidelines and exposed their own product portfolios to us. Nashotech arranged sensory surveys, in house product development, develop own descriptive lexicons to interpret local inquiries to our global partners, florist and perfumeirst. We are by this time made few agreements with industry professional who in turn provide us consultant support for project erections, engineering and biotech lab researches.

No paths are free flowing like river water. We are science driven, innovative and adventuresses and we develop “can do” organization culture to service our clients. We believe growth can comes many ways but goodwill develop through service and business solution.

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